SMPL Wander Alert Motion Sensor Kit - For Patients with Dementia and Alzheimers

SMPL Technology Electronics 58021
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A senior with Alzhemier's, dementia, or other forms of memory loss wandering off is one of the greatest fears for a caregiver. The SMPL Wander Alert system will let you rest easy knowing that you will be alerted anytime your loved one tries to leave the home. Caregivers receive an audible, visual and vibrating alert when motion is detected in the monitored area. Our wireless receiver alerts the caregiver without startling the care recipient. Clip the receiver to your belt, stow it in a pocket, or place it on the counter so you will know instantly if your loved triggers the sensor. The smpl Wander Alert Motion Sensor Kit includes a Motion Sensor, Remote Alarm Unit, and all necessary mounting equipment. This wireless system needs no WiFi, internet access or monitoring fees, and can be paired with up to 20 total sensors within it's 250 foot range.

Choose from 50 different chimes or melodies, and you can even set a different melody for each sensor. Our kits are easy to install using either adhesive strips or screws (both included) and each kit ships paired right out of the box for simple and quick installation. Caregivers tell us they also use the sensors to keep loved ones out of dangerous areas of the home, such as basements, garages, offices or any room they should not be in. They can even be mounted to cabinet doors. Also works with the smpl Door Sensor Kit


  • Portable and vibrating alarm alerts caregiver wherever they are situated in and around the home within 250 ft. of sensors
  • Wireless – designed for easy set-up in minutes. Wifi not required
  • Low cost solution & no monthly fees – utilizing low power consumption Radio Frequency technology
  • Mounts easily using either screws or adhesive strips (both included). Great for apartments!
  • Additional SMPL Door or Motion Sensors (up to 20 sensors) can connect with each (or additional) Alarms to expand coverage for increased safety