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The Swede-O® Dorsal Night Splint keeps the ankle in a neutral position while sleeping or resting, passively stretching the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. This gentle stretch helps reduce muscle contracture, inflammation, and morning heel pain.

The dorsal design supports the foot from above while the open heel design keeps the foot cool and comfortable, facilitating a good night's rest.

The Dorsal Night splint's lightweight, compact design is convenient for travel and the cover contains Bacti-Ban to eliminate odors. The padded inner lining is comfortable against the skin. Fitting is simple with two adjustable hook-and-loop closures. Bilateral design fits right or left foot.

Instructions of Use:
Use under the supervision of a health care professional.
Step 1: Open the adjustable closure straps.
Step 2: Slide foot and into elastic piece with rigid support against the top of the foot.
Step 3: Secure the middle strap on top of the foot.
Step 4: Secure the strap closest to your toes.
Step 5: Wrap top strap around calf and secure.
Caution: This product is not designed to be worn while walking or standing. If you have questions about the use of this product consult your health care professional.

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