Universal High Sling Spacer Small

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Premier slings come in a wide array of styles to meet a variety of client needs. The Universal High sling is a secure, easy-to fit general purpose sling, designed for the majority of sling users. Use the Universal High sling for residents who are totally dependent, partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or have limited head control. Use this sling when transferring the resident from the bed to a wheelchair, recliner or showerchair or from the floor to a bed. The large opening also accommodates toileting. This versatile sling provides full head and neck support and can easily be removed or applied to a resident in a seated or supine position. The spacer fabric provides extra padding for residents with delicate skin. MFPN: 2485956

Style: Small, Universal High Sling
Material: Spacer fabric
Color: Binding: navy Body: gray
Overall Length: 42.6"
Overall Width: 33.1"
Product Weight Capacity: 500 lb

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