Vifah Malibu Outdoor Patio Wood Three Layer Garden Plant Stand

Vifah V1512
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Featuring 3 slatted shelves and foldable mechanism, this Malibu Outdoor Patio Wood Three-layer Garden Plant Stand is a great fit for your patio garden.
Made from 100% Eucalyptus - a very durable Hardwood, this planter stand can stand up to all kinds of changes in the weather. The cores of the Eucalyptus is very dense; thereby it quickly repels water, and its natural oil combats and repels wood eating insects. Comes in the beautiful Natural Wood Finish, this will be a great addition to your outdoor patio


  • Premium grade eucalyptus hardwood
  • Apply oil once a year to maintain color
  • Weather resistant
  • Protects against insects and decay
  • Matches any decor


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