MSPA Tekapo Relaxation and Hydrotherapy 6 Person Square Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Bubble

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Product Description

Leave the outside world behind and recharge after a long day in meetings and a honk-fest, traffic-filled commute. Forget “Arrghh” and bring in a calming “ahhh”. The Mspa Tekapo boasts 132 air jets with whisper quiet technology for optimal relaxation. The air jets release bubbles that surround, support & massage your body for the luxurious experience that will have you coming back time and again. Looming large and tall at 27″, this 73″ X 73″ spa has a savvy style and superior support as you enjoy family, friend or alone time. Featuring a bias air chamber design with whisper quiet technology, the D-TE06 is a jet Black exterior rhino-tech 6-layer reinforced PVC spa with a gorgeous midnight premium PVC liner. Square shaped and inflatable spa with up to 6 bather seating capacity, a built-in heater and an external control system, it’s your best choice for optimal relaxation in this Heaven on Earth. You work hard for your money, and you deserve a luxury experience at a fair price. Priced for the everyday consumer, Mspa Tekapo is the luxury that fits YOUR budget.


  • BUBBLE AIR JETS: 132 effervescent air jets deliver thousands of gentle, caressing bubbles that massage your body
  • RHINO TECH: Charcoal grey Rhino Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC cover material
  • SAFETY BUCKLE COVER FOR CHILD SAFETY: Safety buckle design connects the top lid to the ground mat
  • AUTO FILTRATION: Four hour auto-filtration function leaves your water crisp and clean.
  • CAPACITY and POWER: Up to 6 Bather Capacity and Powerful with 110V-120V


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