CathWear Portable Wearable Catheters for Males & Females

Cathwear CW101BK-S
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CathWear is a revolutionary undergarment system for catheters compatible with Suprapubic, Foley, Nephrostomy, & Biliary catheter leg bags. CathWear Holds up to (2) 600ml Leg Bags. 


  • Patented, FDA Registered & Medicare Reimbursable
  • Fits Both Men & Women
  • Can Be Worn Discreetly
  • Sleek and Fitted Design 

CathWear is compatible with the following catheter setups:

  • Suprapubic Catheters
  • Foley Catheters
  • Nephrostomy Catheters
  • Biliary Catheters

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For best results do not use underwear underneath your CathWear. CathWear is designed to replace your regular underwear. Wearing underwear underneath your CathWear may cause increased pressure to the bag.

The CathWear two-pocket system allows patients to simply place their bags into the secure and spacious Cath-Pockets. This technology removes the issue of having skin to plastic contact and completely doing away with the antiquated Velcro strap or elastic band system which restricts blood flow.

Breathable and fast drying fabric conforms to your shape for comfort. Elastic waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit. Garment can be machine washed and placed in dryer.

CathWear is able to support up to 2 of your preferred leg bags at the same time.

Able to support leg bags up to 600ML (20 ounces)


What do I do with my CathWear during a bowel movement?

There are two recommended methods of what to do with CathWear during a bowel movement:

  1. Completely empty the contents of the bag(s) and remove the bag(s) from the pocket(s) and Cath-Tract.
  2. Using extension tubing long enough to accommodate a sitting position, it may be possible to leave your bags in the pockets and tubing in the Cath-tract during bowel movements.

What size bags are compatible with CathWear?

For best results when using CathWear, we recommend you use bags no larger than 600ml.

How often should I drain my bag when using CathWear?

You should consult your doctor on how often you should be draining your bag(s), and refer to your bag manufacturer’s recommendations.

Should I still wear regular underwear while wearing my CathWear?

We recommend you don’t, CathWear was designed to replace your underwear, using the most comfortable and high-quality materials, our goal is to make you forget you’re even wearing a leg bag.

How often should I wash my CathWear underwear?

CathWear is made with machine-washable materials, you should wash it as often as you would wash your regular undergarments.

Can CathWear be used with an Ostomy bag?

Ostomy bags are stationary to their exit sites, therefore they cannot be used with CathWear underwear.

Will CathWear work with a pad intended for bowel movements?

No.  We recommend that a user make any bowel movements in a bathroom setting.

Can CathWear be used with an external catheter system?

Yes, Condom catheters and other external devices are compatible with a 600ml urinary/drainage bag attached