Bathroom Safety Statistics

Up to 80% of all falls in the home occur in the bathroom. Fall prevention is the key to protecting yourself or your loved ones from being part of this statistic. Some simple items can transform your bathroom in to a much safer environment providing everyone with peace of mind. Shower chairs, grab bars, toilet safety frames, raised toilet seats and shower mats are a great start to your fall prevention transformation.

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The Ultimate Bathing Experience

A Pulse ShowerSpas System is the perfect upgrade for any bathroom to transform yoru bathing experience in to the ultimate spa like feeling. Each Shower system has a variety of sprays, functions, heads, speeds, temperature controls, shower heads to create a full body bathing experience. A Pulse ShowerSpas upgrade to your home instantly adds value and is one of the best shower systems for aging in place.

Custom Glass Panel Heaters

Customize your own glass heater in 3 easy steps:

1. Click the customize button on the product page.

2. Click on upload image and upload an image from your device

3. Once the picture is uploaded, sized, and placed the way you would like click to add to the cart and finish your purchase to send your image to us so we can produce your custom heater!

Perfect for your bathroom and available with Towel Racks. Installation Videos and Instructions make the install easy!

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