Bed Wedges & Pillows

Discover a wide range of Bed Wedges and Pillows for seniors and older individuals seeking to improve relaxation and sleep comfort. The bed wedge is a triangular-shaped pillow that can help raise the body in various ways. Our selection of pillows is specifically designed to target certain areas to aid with creating better posture for sleeping. Some pillows include ice packs or vibrating massage heads to help reduce aches and pains. Browse this collection now to find wedges and pillows that suit your comfort needs.

Wedges for Upright Relaxation

Say so long to propping up piles of standard pillows to create support for sitting upright in bed. Bed wedges are a better solution for creating back support for an older adult. While pillows offer only minimal support, and may even exacerbate painful conditions, a wedge has sides that offer a gentle yet firm slope for laying back in an upright position. This makes the wedge the ultimate upright sleeping pillow for relaxing in bed and watching TV, reading or resting soundly.

Neck and Cervical Pillows

The lack of a good support pillow can make sleeping difficult and may lead to stiffness or pain in the neck area. Instead of putting up with the discomfort, you can find several pillows designed to reduce neck strain while resting. Additionally, you can also find cervical pillows that provide good support for the spine, another delicate area prone to misalignment.

Bed Support Systems for Safety

Prevent an older adult from accidentally falling out of bed with a Full Body Bed Support System that includes wedges that serve as bolsters. This system is an alternative to bed rails and you can arrange monthly payments if desired.

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