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Today's compact power chairs and smaller-sized electric wheelchairs can help foster your independence and mobility. With their narrower statures and smaller designs, you'll be able to maneuver through tight spaces, narrow doorways and hallways with confidence! Get out and go with a compact motorized wheelchair from

Top Features in Compact, Motorized Chairs

You'll appreciate the most innovative features that are found in modern electric mobility chairs. Depending on the make, model and design, you'll find:

  • Touch-button auto-folding mechanisms for easy transport and travel
  • Compact, lightweight wheelchair designs from approximately 33 lbs. and up
  • Joystick controls that provide movement with a single touch that will get you where you need to go with less effort
  • Longer ranges that allow you to travel farther on a single charge
  • Sleek designs and colors
  • Omni-directional wheels that will easily navigate difficult terrains
  • Innovative safety features
  • Memory foam seats and high-quality fabrics that will ensure your comfort while you use your compact electric wheelchair

These are just a few of the fantastic features you'll find within's motorized wheelchair inventory. Click on a few of these options and compare!

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Browse through our variety of electric compact power chairs. We've taken great strides to find the best of the best, and are proud to offer our wonderful customers a fantastic selection from which to choose! You'll find great products from the top brands in mobility, including Golden Technologies, Miracle Mobility, Journey, Ewheels, Foldawheel, Robooter, Pathway Mobility and others! Financing is available. For more information about a specific model's features or if you need assistance in finding the right compact power wheelchair, please don't hesitate to reach out to a Customer Care Specialist by phone, email or live chat. We are happy to help!