A hi-low Bed can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the safety and comfort of a senior who has mobility challenges. We want to help you find a hi-low hospital bed that you can place in the home. Browse this collection to find adjustable beds that meet your comfort, safety and space needs.

If you have questions about any of the beds you see here, please click the blue oval below to chat with our friendly customer service team. We also offer financing plans for large purchases such as hospital beds.

Electric Hi-Low Beds

Adjusting a hi-low bed for comfort and mobility can be an easy thing to do when you choose any of our electric beds. These are beds that can be adjusted using an included remote control. Depending on the model selected, the bed automatically rises and lowers at various angles with the press of a button. Some models may even include a fail-safe solution should the power fail. Many caregivers and seniors consider them the best hi-low adjustable beds available for home use.

Manual Hi-Low Beds

Some individuals may require a non-electrical bed solution, which is why we also offer manually adjustable beds and bed bases. These beds come with instructions explaining how to raise and lower the head and foot sections, which can be locked into place.

Complete Hi-Low Bed Package

If you don't want to hassle with choosing a mattress to go with a particular hi-low adjustable bed frame, you can always opt for one of our all-inclusive bed packages. These packages make it easy to choose the bed size and style of mattress you prefer.