By definition, magnifiers increase the size and clarity of text and images for individuals living with low vision. While this is helpful for reading books, looking at photographs and completing select activities of daily living, digital technologies have expanded their capabilities.

Electronic magnifiers take this functionality to the next level, incorporating a camera system, as well as text-to-speech in many cases, to improve reading, watching TV, using a computer or smartphone and even grooming. Portable electronic magnifiers mean you can take these features wherever you go - to a doctor's appointment, the store or on vacation.

About Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Also called digital or video magnifiers, these devices:

  • Let you switch between various magnification strengths, as well as degrees of brightness and contrast.
  • Incorporate a standard or high-definition camera for relaying text or an image, which then appears on a monitor.
  • Can be recharged, with battery life lasting multiple hours.
  • Are light enough to be taken and used anywhere - from your computer desk at home to restaurants.
  • Are built to be used by both eyes and have an adjustable field of view - not every object has to be examined up close or from one specific angle.
  • May incorporate text-to-speech, recording and playback features for improved reading and focus.

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