HealthSmart Filterless UV-C Plug-In Air Sanitizer – Black

HealthSmart 40-550-020
$64.55 $79.99
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This best-selling plug-in UV-C air Sanitizer uses UV-C technology to reduce airborne bacteria and viruses. By mimicking natural sunlight, the plug-in UV-C air Sanitizer prevents viruses and bacteria from reproducing leaving the air cleaner and fresher than ever before.


  • Kills airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores with an ultraviolet light that mimics natural sunlight
  • Plug in to any outlet and it starts cleaning immediately. Unit covers up to 300 square feet making it perfect for UV-C air sanitizer for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.
  • No costly replacement filters or bulbs
  • Product Specs: dimensions 2.56 x 1.65 x 6.10 and weighs 4.76 ounces
  • Note: ultraviolet light is emitted from the bulb when the unit is on, eye injury or irritation could result
  • 2.56 x 1.65 x 6.1 inches; 4.76 Pounds
  • EPA Establishment #074132-TWN-001