Enjoy the stability you need to remain steady and mobile with our Stand-Alone Canes. This collection is for you if you're looking for a durable stand-up, or standing cane, that also aids with walking. As you browse, you may notice a variety of stand-alone cane models that are suitable for those needing a reliable walking cane.

You can choose your favorite type and use it to hold onto something sturdy while standing up from a sitting position. These affordable canes are so helpful that you may want to own more than one. For instance, you can have a designated cane for the living room, one for the bedroom and one for general walking.

Adjustable Height Canes

Standard canes may offer stylish designs, but many of them are a "one-size-fits-all" product that doesn't provide walking comfort for everyone. This is why adjustable-height canes are such a great alternative. If you're not happy with its height, you can quickly make an adjustment to raise or lower the cane pole until you're satisfied. Plus, these canes come with other features that make them appealing.

Lightweight Folding Canes

Walking canes are great when you're using them but what about when you want to stash it away somewhere? It usually ends up being placed in an awkward position that's sort of out of the way. You can avoid these scenarios by owning a folding cane. These stand-up canes provide stability when needed, and they easily fold into sections for compact storage.

Quad Base Canes

Many canes featured here either come with a quad base or offer it as an add-on. Also known as a cane with a stand, this four-section base provides maximum weight-bearing stability for standing up.