Heavy Duty Power Chairs

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Browse through a variety of electric heavy-duty power wheelchairs from the top brands in mobility, including Golden Technologies, Drive Medical, Invacare, EV Rider, Shoprider and many more.

What is a Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair?

Heavy-duty motorized wheelchairs - sometimes called bariatric power wheelchairs - accommodate above-average amounts of weight. At the same time, design delivers a greater level of support and further factors in a wider range of terrain types.

Heavy-duty power wheelchairs:

  • Are built to accommodate at least 400 lbs., if not more.
  • Are designed for a greater level of stability and support: These power chairs are often equipped with a larger, sturdier frame and motor, as well as greater torque and a stronger suspension.
  • Often handle more terrain types, including uneven, rough surfaces, outdoor conditions and inclines.
  • Deliver the performance and functionality of a traditional power wheelchair, including a control interface with a joystick and buttons, at least four wheels for stability and adjustable features for comfort and support.

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