Living Room Standing Aids, also known as standing assist devices, can greatly improve the quality of a senior's independent living experience. The goal of these products is to provide much-needed assistance for seniors with mobility challenges, struggling to get up from a living room chair or sofa on their own. From portable stand assist grips to the couch cane, we've got solutions that allow seniors to safely rise from their seats while keeping their dignity intact.

Grab Bars, Handles and Poles

Elderly standing aids that make it easy for seniors to grab something sturdy and solid are extremely useful for maintaining balance. Caregivers can bring a portable grip handle lifting tool to assist older adults. There can also be grab bars and poles installed where seniors regularly sit and relax which makes it easier for them to get up on their own. For example, stand-assist grab bars can be installed underneath chair or sofa seat cushions as a permanent support. Poles are another way to ensure something strong enough to support the senior's full weight.

Canes and Walkers

Seniors who prefer a mobile stand-assist device can find what they need with our selection of stand-assist canes and walkers. These devices are specially designed to provide strong support for seniors when they grab onto specific areas of the device.

Lifting Seats

Portable power seats are one of the most popular ways to provide independent help for standing up from a chair or sofa. These devices have a comfortable seat and a mechanism that automatically lifts the seat so the senior can stand and walk. Choose electric or non-electric models.