Automatic Folding Scooters

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Travel scooters anticipate the journey ahead through lightweight, foldable construction. At face value, these attributes let you bring your mobility scooter onto airplanes, trains and cruise ships and store it in a number of locations. However, folding or taking apart your scooter requires dexterity and upper-body strength. For convenience and to limit exerting yourself, automatic folding scooters solve this issue.

How Automatic Folding Scooters Work

While brand designs and concepts vary, automatic folding scooters have a handful of specific characteristics:

  • A lightweight, folding frame built for travel, as well as easy lifting.
  • A frame that folds automatically, often with a push of a button on the scooter or from a remote- or fob-like device.
  • Compact construction that can be stored in an overhead area, inside a trunk, below a seat or inside a closet, and can even be rolled down a narrow aisle or walkway.
  • Scooters fold down into a single, easily transportable piece that doesn't require assembly. Oftentimes, the scooter becomes roughly the size of a suitcase.
  • Other travel-specific features, including FAA-approved batteries that can travel 10 or more miles on a single charge and tires designed to handle a wide range of terrain types.
  • Sturdy three- or four-wheel construction allowing for a stable ride wherever you happen to be.
  • Adjustable features for comfortable, adaptable usage.
  • Supporting 300 lbs. or more.

Learn More About Automatic Folding Mobility Scooters

Do you have your sights set on travel - but know you won't be able to unfold or re-assemble your scooter every time you depart a plane, train or cruise ship? Have an automatic folding scooter do the work for you. Explore all available models through, or contact our customer care specialists to learn more about features and payment plans.