One of the easiest ways to prevent accidental slip and fall injuries in the bathroom is to add a Shower Mat to the bathtub or shower stall. This should be done, regardless of whether there is a desire to maintain a certain look for these two heavily used bathroom areas. If the choice is between installing a simple non-slip bathroom mat for an elderly person who may unexpectedly slip on a wet surface and keeping the wet surface as is, non-slip shower/bathmats win whenever it comes to safety.

Because safety in the bathroom is so crucial for seniors, we've assembled shower mats made by leading brands specializing in safe home products. Browse waterproof bathtub and shower mats made by Drive Medical, Nova Medical, HealthSmart and others.

Mat Styles for Every Tub and Shower

A single style of mat isn't going to suit everyone's taste or bathtub/shower stall aesthetics. That's why we offer a good variety of styles and colors in this collection. Some mats are square, some are rectangular and some are oval-shaped. These mats can come in neutral colors such as white or fashion colors such as blue or gray.

Slip Resistant Top and Bottoms

What makes shower and bathtub mats so appealing is they are made from strong, durable materials like rubber or heavy-duty plastic and they include non-slip surfaces. The typical shower mat has a surface design that prevents feet from slipping. Underneath the mat are rows of suction cups that keep the mat securely in place.

Anti-Microbial Mats

Some mat styles include anti-microbial properties within the mat itself. This helps to ward off bacteria, germs and virus growth that often remain hidden on mat surfaces.