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Osaki OS-Pro Ekon Massage Chairs with Zero Gravity Recline & 3D Massage

The OS-Pro EKON will conduct a body scan and map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure a consistent amount of pressure  while applying the massage. 

The scanning technology will also detect the user’s shoulders height, which can be recalibrated once the scan is complete. If the user desires a higher or lower starting point, they will have 10 seconds after the scan is complete to adjust.

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Kyota Kaizen M680 Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Recline - 3D/4D Massage

The Kyota Kaizen M680 3D/4D is the complete package — designed to target your entire body for a full-body massage experience. Its 4D 6-Node Back Mechanism is unrivaled for providing the broadest back massage coverage on the market today. Kneading massage on your back, arms, calves and feet for unmatched coverage to feel great eavery day!

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Electronic Personal Massage Chairs

Sometimes, it can be difficult to leave the home and book an appointment for a massage, but the benefits of regular massage are endless - from improved circulation and movement to pain management to controlling the buildup of lactic acid. Bring a spa-quality massage right into your home with any of these premium massage chairs from top brands including Infinity Massage, Human Touch, Osaki, Titan, JPMedics, Cozzia, LifeSmart and more.

About Personal Massage Chairs

Massage often gets positioned as a form of relaxation, but for individuals of all ages, treatments help lessen muscle tension, decrease pain, improve circulation and enhance movement and flexibility. Instead of booking a separate appointment, a personal massage chair uses a motor and a spinning component to apply varying degrees of pressure that serve to help you relax, improve energy and stimulate the lymphatic system.

For older adults, regular massages can:

  • Better distribute oxygen and blood flow through the body, which aids in the healing process.
  • Assist with managing inflammation, helping control pain and stiffness.
  • Help manage stress and related side effects, like muscle tension, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues and insomnia.

Searching for a Massage Chair

Each massage chair comes with an incredible amount of features, which can include zero gravity recline, air massage, lumbar heat, vibration, voice command, Bluetooth® speakers, hand massage, calf/foot massage, touchscreen LCD remotes, auto massage programs and much more.

Along with exploring features:

  • Think about where you're experiencing pain and tension, and look for a massage chair intended to target these areas. Common spots include the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck and legs.
  • Check the chair's dimensions to ensure they accommodate your body.
  • Look into pressure and vibrations to make sure the chair will provide enough to address pain and tension but not so much that it aggravates existing concerns.
  • Understand if the massage chair will provide power lift functionality, should you need assistance with standing up.

Regular massages are the perfect way to wind down after a long day to help reduce stress, increase blood flow, alleviate pain and improve overall quality of life. Start exploring all options, or reach out to our customer care specialists for more information. Financing is available on all massage chairs.