Ensure you get the right level of comfort and support needed to go about your day. Power chairs with tilt, reclining and stand-up functionalities adjust to your needs to improve your quality of life and provide you with the degree of independence you seek. Browse through a variety of power chairs with at least one of these capabilities.

About Tilt, Reclining and Stand-Up Power Wheelchairs

On their own, power chairs are ideal for individuals who don't have the manual strength or who live with a cardiovascular issue affecting their ability to use a traditional manual wheelchair. Adding to this functionality, tilt, recliner and stand-up features ensure the user's comfort and enhance their daily lives, including assistance with reaching for objects, shifting their weight, reducing risks for pressure sores and skin breakdown and using a catheter. These systems further accommodate individuals living with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or a condition affecting muscle tone.

Power chairs may be equipped with these capabilities or work in conjunction with a separate seating system adding this functionality.

In terms of features:

  • Tilt: Tilt functionality moves the body backward or forward without altering hip position and knee angle. Tilt functionality may be used alone or in conjunction with reclining. Designed to assist with movement and relieve pressure to reduce risks for skin breakdown, tilt types include anterior, for assistance with standing while preventing the user's feet from hitting the base and chassis, and posterior, a backward tilt for lessening stress and contact around the hip area.
  • Reclining: The user can lean back in a partial or fully horizontal position. Beyond comfort, reclining offers additional support for individuals living with tone issues or a weaker trunk area, can assist with positioning for catheterization and can streamline transfers from the chair.

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