The single stream of a fixed shower head doesn't go where you need it. You, as a result, twist and turn to get yourself clean - a factor that, as you age, increases your risks for a slip or fall injury.

In modifying your bathroom, handheld shower heads are often a win-win for seniors, as well as individuals living with disabilities. You get a concentrated stream you can position with your hand, and because you spend less time in the tub, you also waste less water and energy.

As you explore your options for handheld shower heads for seniors, consider the following:

What is a Handheld Shower Head?

These shower heads attach to your wall and can be removed to closely clean all areas of your body - from your feet to behind your ears. Connected to a hose, this shower head can remain in place - and thus be used like a traditional fixture - or taken off its hook to wash yourself without additional, potentially dangerous movement.

The Benefits of a Handheld Shower Head for Seniors

Handheld shower heads benefit older adults and those with limited mobility for the following reasons:

  • You adjust the stream of water with your hand, rather than moving your body around a fixed stream.
  • Ranging from three to six feet in length, the attached hose provides some flexibility - essential if you're using a shower stool.
  • Being able to move the stream of water is additionally convenient for caregivers washing off a patient with limited mobility and helps better maintain their hygiene.
  • A more flexible shower head helps clean hard-to-reach or less-accessible places.

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