Heavy Duty Scooters

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Senior scooters can make everyday life so much easier for those who enjoy independence and want to maintain an active lifestyle. If you're looking for a dependable senior scooter for personal transportation, our selection of Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters offers a wide range of scooter designs and power options. Trusted brands featured here include Golden Technologies, EWheels, Shoprider and more.

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Lots of Design Variety

Choosing a mobility scooter model is a big decision, and there truly is a design that's right for everyone. When browsing through all of the options offered here, consider which models come closest to satisfying your transportation needs. This collection includes zip scooters, all-terrain scooters, stylish motorized scooters and handicap scooter designs. When considering favorites, imagine yourself (or another user) operating the scooter without assistance. This can help you figure out the best choice.

Scooters for Shopping

This collection of scooters for seniors includes models ideal for shopping. Scooters that include a basket are good options for this purpose. You can also look at additional features such as weight capacity, lights, horns and seat comfort.

Long-Range Scooters

Planning on going long distances with your scooter? Several heavy-duty models provide plenty of power and mileage for long-distance traveling. As you browse for a long-range scooter for seniors, keep in mind the terrain you wish to traverse.

Are you planning on riding your scooter through state or national parks?

Are you going to be riding on a trail that may have some rough bumps?

How much mileage are you looking to get from a scooter?

Answering these questions can help determine which scooter to buy.