When you want to make your rollator walker an even better mobility aid than when you received it originally, you can always count on us to have the Rollator Walker Accessories you need to make it happen. We carry the best brands of rollator parts that you can use to replace specific parts that wear out or could use upgrading.

While you're here, you can browse our selection of rollators to find ones that suit your mobility needs or those of a senior who wants to own one.

Baskets, Bags and Storage

One of the big perks of using a rollator walker is that it often comes equipped with a storage solution. However, if your rollator doesn't yet include storage, or you want to add additional storage to a rollator, we've got numerous storage ideas that are sure to be useful for improving your rollator's storage capacity. Consider adding a medical necessities bag to carry essential items for maintaining good health. Additionally, we may carry rollator transport chair bags and covers for certain models.

Cupholders and Trays

It's common to stop to enjoy refreshments while you're out and about with your rollator. In this collection, you can find nifty cupholders that attach to the frame, eliminating the need to handhold a beverage cup. Go even further by adding a rollator food tray to hold your on-the-go meals.

Wheels and More

Wheels are one of those rollator parts that you may find necessary to replace occasionally. Fortunately, they're relatively easy to replace and we carry an assortment of rollator wheels in different model styles.