Wheelchair Walker Hybrids

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We know that you want to maintain your independence while having a reliable mobility aid that can get you from point A to point B without a hitch. That's why we're offering a full collection of the best Walker/Wheelchair Combo solutions made by trusted brands such as Drive Medical, ProBasics, Rollz and others. Also, known as a rollator wheelchair, these hybrids offer lightweight mobility and a comfortable place to sit while doing regular, everyday activities.

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Easy Walking with Rollators

Anyone who has seen one in action and needs a reliable mobility aid desires to own a rollator walker. The reason for their popularity is that they offer sturdy support when standing up and holding onto the handles. Instead of walking and trying to move a walker forward, you simply glide forward thanks to the wheels. Continuous motion makes it easy to walk at your own pace. Should the need arise to sit and rest during an outing, there's always a comfy seat available.

Hybrid Rollator/Transport Chairs

Are you wondering what the best rollator/transport chair combo is? You can find out right now by browsing our entire collection of these hybrids. A wheelchair and walker combo typically has a lightweight and durable wheelchair frame with a seat attached. Handles and a footrest are available for comfortable seating. However, seniors can walk on their own and can use the walk and glide function like other rollators.

Save Effort with Electric Models

An electric wheelchair and walker hybrid may be the right mobility solution for some seniors. This design is powered by a controller, making it even easier to glide forward.