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Perhaps you're looking to travel - or you're seeking out a power chair that's light enough to be folded down. Portable electric wheelchairs are built for this purpose, featuring a lightweight, foldable body that can be stored away or put into the trunk of a car and that accommodates narrower spaces.

Browse through a variety of models from the top brands in mobility, including Golden Technologies, Drive Medical, Invacare, EV Rider, C.T.M, Shoprider and many more.

What Are Lightweight, Portable Power Wheelchairs?

Lightweight, portable electric wheelchairs accommodate someone living a more active lifestyle who seeks the control and support of a motorized solution. These wheelchairs:

  • Typically feature a lighter frame, often made with aluminum or a similar material that helps cut down on weight.
  • Feature a frame that can be folded down, including into the trunk of a car or narrow space at home, or taken apart.
  • Accommodate individuals who enjoy to travel, including by public transportation around their community or on vacation.
  • Offer a solution for taking your power chair along if you don't have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.
  • Are ideal for people with mild to moderate mobility issues who don't expect their condition to worsen and need additional support to travel longer distances.
  • Incorporate travel features, from non-spillable batteries to frames that can fit on a train, airplane or cruise ship.

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