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Quad canes are similar to walking sticks and traditional canes for seniors. However, these types of quad cane walkers provide additional security, thanks to their four-prong cane bases with rubber castor feet. These four-prong canes allow those with limited mobility issues or who are recovering from surgeries or other procedures to better traverse their environments with improved confidence.

The Benefits of Four-Prong Canes

There are multiple benefits of quad canes. These include:

  • Improved independence for those unable to hold onto (or who do not need the additional stability of) a traditional-type walker. Quad walkers' additional support and their ability to hold more weight help users keep their balance better.
  • Easier maneuvering helps quad cane users navigate through tighter spaces, including around furniture and other obstacles.
  • Unlike traditional canes, quad canes are freestanding. This makes them easier to reach for and eliminates the need to find a suitable space to "prop" the cane up.
  • Many quad canes adjust with the push of a button and accommodate different heights. Alternate grips are also available for purchase, which makes customizing a quad cane easy and according to the user's preference.
  • Quad canes are also available in heavy-duty bariatric designs with larger bases ideal for larger individuals.

Trusted Brands, Excellent Prices

Browse through a variety of sizes and styles of quad canes from some of the top brands in mobility, including Nova Medical, Dynarex, Carex, Health Smart, Switch Sticks and Vive Health. Available in multiple colors and fun patterns, it's easy to find the best quad cane for your needs at Senior.com.

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