Airline Approved Power Chairs

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Continue your active lifestyle with airline-approved electric wheelchairs, equipped with a battery meeting FAA regulations and a lightweight, possibly foldable frame. Learn more about key features if you intend to take your power chair on airplanes, as well as trains and cruise ships:

What is an Airline-Approved Motorized Wheelchair?

Speaking generally, these power chairs are built with features that accommodate the demands and conditions of air travel and meet FAA regulations in terms of battery type.

You continue to receive a comfortable, motorized experience that you can control with a joystick and buttons and that provides enough support for where you intend to travel. In addition:

  • Airline-approved power wheelchairs may have a non-spillable sealed lead acid or gel battery. In terms of air travel, you can check your wheelchair without having to remove the battery.
  • The electric wheelchair may have a lithium-ion battery that you can detach and disconnect. In this case, you can place the battery into your carryon bag and either bring your wheelchair on board or have it checked, based on size. Here, make sure to protect the battery's terminals.
  • Smaller, lighter and foldable power chairs better accommodate travel, including fitting onto a plane or cruise ship or being packed into the trunk of a car. Seek out these attributes for improved maneuverability in a wider range of locations or if someone will need to lift your chair.

Learn More About FAA-Approved Power Wheelchairs

Think about where you intend to travel and the ideal mobility aid for getting there. Begin browsing our selection, or contact our customer care specialists for more information.