MONO - Rigid Inflatable Hot Tub & Spa

MSpa MONO is a Gorgeous, top of the line, Hot TUB & SPA made of Super-Stiff DWF, Drop Stitch material that gives it a rigid shape, relatively more resistant to Pet Scratches. Is fast to set-up & deflate. Take your Hot Tub & Spa wherever you go.

138 Air Bubbling system - Proprietary 360° air jet system fills the spa with thousands of bubbles, staggered jets push bubbles into the center of the spa, creating a balanced, all-encompassing body massage.

MONO has built-in UVC & Ozone water sanitization options that with optimal use of chlorine keeps water clean.

MONO is WI-FI enabled for you to control the functions from wherever you are using MSPA App on your smart phone.


OSLO - Fixed Body Hot Tub & Spa

Our new OSLO spa is not only stunning, but features the latest in MSpa technology. This beautiful spa packs all the rigidity of a traditional spa while sporting MSpa’s signature portability and ease of installation. Enjoy multiple hydromassage jets in addition to our variable air bubbling technology while a beautiful remote controlled light strip adds a sense of luxury, creating unparalleled ambiance.

Hydromassage Jets, 8 adjustable JETs nozzles along with 140 Air Bubbling system, has built-in UVC & Ozone water sanitization options that with optimal use of chlorine keeps water clean all the time.


Starry 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The STARRY is a beautiful glowing spa featuring LED lighting. The charcoal grey exterior features transparent accents to let light through. Sure to make shining statement on your evening soaks, enjoy over a hundred bubbling air jets for a night to remember.

STARRY, Intelligent inflatable Hot Tub & Spa with interlaced LED lights, you can enjoy for 6 persons. All in one piece with convenient wired controller. 138 air jets with 700W Massage Air Blower with all around bubbling design & Smart filtration. STARRY comes with Quick Inflation Technology for quick inflation in few minutes.


SOHO Premium 6 Person Inflatable Spa

Completely surround your body in a blissful cushion of massaging bubbles in the SOHO cube air bath. The extra-spacious square shape allows you to relax fully immersed and supported in luxury. The variable-speed bubble feature gives you the option of choosing your own bubble intense to work away tension. The mesh fabric with leather trim cover gives a bold and contemporary look!

  • Mech Fabric with Leather Trim Cover.
  • Built-in Heater & Heats up to 104°F
  • PTC Safe Heating Technology.
  • Whisper Quiet Technology.
  • Up to 132 Air Jets Massage System.
  • Energy Saving Timer.
  • Children Safety Lock.
  • Plug & Play Technology.
  • Filter Replacement Alarm System.
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