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Back pain tends to emerge after a lifetime of sitting, slouching and poor posture. These positions place additional stress on the muscles surrounding your spine, leading to strain, fatigue, slipped discs, pinched nerves and chronic discomfort.

Whether for your office chair, using your wheelchair or another mobility solution, or modifying your recliner, get the level of support you need with lumbar pillows, plus cushions, pads and stabilizers. Learn more about these types of orthopedic pillows now:

Why Use a Lumbar Support Pillow?

A curved spine is a healthy spine. However, sitting causes the spine to flatten - an action placing additional stress on the vertebrae and the discs in between. Lumbar support pillows address this concern by helping maintain the spine's natural curve and relieving the stress placed on the lower back muscles. You, as a result, are less likely to develop lower back pain.

These attributes:

  • Provide a more comfortable, relaxing and all-around supportive seating experience.
  • Help improve your posture and limit slouching.
  • Reduce pressure placed on the lower back.
  • Create a more ergonomic environment that reduces risks for musculoskeletal disorders.

Additionally, lumbar support pillows aren't just for chairs and mobility devices. They can be positioned to support your lower back and spine as you sleep. Placing one below the back, under your knees or to elevate your legs improves spinal alignment and better supports your head and neck.

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