Invisia & Healthcraft - Elegant Designer Fall Prevention Products

If you are looking for beautifully crafted fall prevention products for your bathroom, living room, bedroom and more.....look no further than the Healthcraft portfolio of products which includes Invisia. What sets these products apart from so many others in the home safety category is the elegant & modern designs as well as being highly functional for daily assistance. These are the perfect upgrades to any home looking to maintain a modern decor look while also assisting in preventing falls, assisting in standing from a seated position, and providing that comfort of knowing it's primary function is safety first.

Fall Prevention Aids with Some Elegance

Invisia Accent Bars

A bold and stylish way to add new safety features to any bathroom. The decorative Invisia Accent Bar grants users peace of mind without compromising the beauty of the space. Supports up to 500 lbs

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Invisia Accent Rings

A decorative grab bar that elegantly frames your shower valve while also providing unparalleled support. The Invisia Accent Ring combines elegance with safety so you can experience peace of mind when you shower. Supports up to 500 lbs

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Invisia Corner Shelf

With elegant modern styling, this unique design incorporates a sturdy support bar into the shelf, providing added assistance. When it's time to clean, the shelf tray is removable for easy access, and is made from a durable, non-porous material.

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Invisia Towel Bars

The Invisia Towel Bar disguised safety within a bathroom accessory; top curved bar supports up to 500 lbs & the bottom rung holds towel Available in 16" and 24" sizes with 4 finished to choose from

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Invisia Shampoo Shelf & Support Bars

Store shampoo bottles and other shower products on a sophisticated shelf that incorporates reliable support for peace of mind in any shower. The modern design cleverly disguises the support bar, rated up to 500 pounds

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Invisia Linear Bars

Invisia’s Linear Bar is a simple and understated way to add new life to the safety features of any bathroom. With a user-weight capacity that can support up to 500 lbs. 3 Sizes available

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Invisia Wall Toilet Roll Holder

Invisia Toilet Roll Holder disguises safety within a bathroom accessory. The curved bar supports up to 500 lbs & holds toilet paper with a modern design.

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Invisia Fold Down Seat

Supporting up to 440 lbs when securely installed, this white shower bench is an excellent choice for those seeking a wall-mounted seating solution. Great for any room in the home.

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Invisia™ SerenaSeat™ 2.0

Bring stability, comfort, and luxury to your home. This folding shower seat offers complete stability and style. Reclaim your space - SerenaSeat gives you luxurious comfort when you need it, and conveniently folds against the wall when you don’t.

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PLUS Towel Hook + Grab Bar

Your bathroom can feel like a spa when you have your bathroom or towel in the perfect place. The Plus Series Robe Hook allows you to hold on to the fixture for support when you grab your towel or robe

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PLUS Towel Bar 24" + Grab Bar

Your towel bar should do more than just hold your towels! The Plus Series Towel Bar holds your towels but can be grabbed onto for sturdy support.

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PLUS Shampoo Shelf + Grab Bar

The Plus Series Shampoo Shelf is ideal for anyone who wants safety and convenience. With its sturdy and stable construction, it offers extra support to avoid slips or falls while bathing or showering.

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PLUS Crescent Grab Bar

Trust in PLUS! Provide a safe bathroom retreat and peace of mind with our sturdy and ADA-compliant Plus Series Crescent Grab Bar. Get the support you need with an easy and secure installation.

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PLUS Corner Shelf + Grab Bar

The Plus Corner Shelf is an award-winning 2-in-1 safety accessory. It doubles as a storage solution keeping your bathroom products handy, and as a grab bar that keeps you safe in the shower.

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PLUS Toilet Paper Holder + Grab Bar

Reassuring Peace of Mind - Keep your home safe for parents and grandparents, and don’t let instability or injuries be a problem. Get this essential piece of home safety today!

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PLUS Towel Ring + Grab Bar

Sleek and stylish safety! A 2-in-1 grab bar with a curved profile, designed to match your bathroom hardware while also being a convenient Towel Ring

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SuperPole™ with Angled Ceiling Plate

The SuperPole with Angled Ceiling Plate (SP-ACP) is a Standard SuperPole which can be installed in areas with angled or vaulted ceilings. The ACP attaches to the top of the pole, must be secured to ceiling joists with appropriate fasteners, and is adjustable in angle from 0⁰-45⁰.

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PT Rail™ - Hinged

Unlike other bathroom safety rails, the PT Rail is designed with an innovative offset rail to avoid wrist strain when you’re sitting down or pulling yourself up from a seated position. The PT Rail is also easily stored; simply lift the rail until it is flush against your bathroom walls.

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