Invisia Accent Rings - Stand Assist & Fall Prevention Safety Rings

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Invisia’s Accent Ring is a decorative grab bar that elegantly frames your shower valve while also providing unparalleled support. Designed to support a user weight capacity of up to 500lbs / 227kgs, the Accent Ring combines elegance with safety so you can experience peace of mind when you shower. One of our top-selling luxury bathroom accessories, the Accent Ring is perfect to hold onto when adjusting your water controls and simultaneously protects your fixture investments.


  • Supports upto 500lbs / 227kgs when installed to structural wood backing.
  • Discreet wall stems with concealed screws Makes mounting areas virtually invisible.
  • Multi-contact wall support 4 points of contact for maximum structural support
  • Be supported when leaning over tub threshold to access shower controls
  • ADA compliant rail diameter (1.25”); ADA compliant wall clearance (1.50”); Exceeds ADA 4.26.3 structural strength requirements for grab bars and fasteners (250lbs)



Material Stainless steel
Finish / Colour Polished Chrome (-CP)
Brushed Stainless (-BS)
Powder Coat Bronze (-ORB)
Powder Coat Matte Black (-BLK)
Weight Capacity 500lbs / 227kgs (ADA Compliant)


Note: Reduced weight capacity if installed using hollow wall anchors.

Rail Diameter 1.25″ / 31.8mm (ADA Compliant)
Wall Clearance 1.50″ / 38.1mm (ADA Compliant)
Rail Width 12.1″ / 307mm
Rail Height 10.3″/ 262mm
Installation Mechanism Must screw to wood backing behind wall. Hollow wall anchors can be used when no wood structure is available (Note: Reduced weight capacity).
Installation Hardware/Fasteners Full Structure:#10 x 3″ / 76mm length, stainless steel wood screw (x4).


Hollow Walls (no structure):3/16-24 x 3″ / 76mm length, stainless steel bolt and hollow wall anchors (x4).

Fasteners Exposed or Concealed Concealed; Rail stems conceal mounting hardware.
Commercial Use Yes
Residential Use Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Rust Resistant Yes
Country of Origin China
Shipping Dimensions 14x13x4″ / 356x330x102mm
Shipping Weight 5lbs / 2.3kgs
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty


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