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Why Choose Nova For All Of Your Medical Needs?

It's simple.......since 1993, Nova Joy has has an easy mission....."NOVA believes in the power of joy. We are guided by joy, and inspired by our customers who choose joy everyday and every step of the way." It is for this reason that we partnered with Nova over 10 years ago to bring the highest quality durable medical equipment to our customers. If the products from Nova can make your life a little bit easier and bring a smile to your face.....then it's all worth it.

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Transport Chairs & Wheelchairs

Nova believes that Love = Togetherness. Our Transport Chairs and Wheelchairs bring people together and make life happen. Don't let mobility issues hold you back from enjoying the life you deserve. Nova has carefully designed lightweight highly durable chairs just for you!

Rollators - Rolling Walkers

NOVA believes in the joy of independence and mobility.
Our Rollators are your new set of wheels, so you can keep riding the joy of life.

Brand New Rollator Additions


The Phoenix is the first Upright Rolling Walker from Nova. Designed to provide more support by utilizing the forearm rests and walking inside of the rollator. Great for individuals with posture issues, Parkinsons or Dementia.

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The Dragon is the sister product to the Phoenix but with the additional option to fold it down which makes it perfect for traveling and stowing. This Up-Right walker is ideal for those who have instability concerns

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A Euro-style rolling walker designed for a variety of terrains. Large wheels, height adjustable, large storage bag and folds down, this Rollator is perfect for the traveler in you!

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Folding Walkers

Nova believes folding walkers should not have tennis balls. Walkers much prefer Walker Skis and great accessories to get you moving and grooving.

Knee Walkers

Nova believes in the power of recovery. Our Knee Scooters help pave your path to recovery.

Nova Knee Walkers

The NOVA Knee Walker: Embracing the desire for mobility during recuperation from foot, ankle, or Achilles injuries. Enduring extended periods of discomfort and inconvenience while on the move is now a thing of the past. Maintain your mobility and enhance your recovery journey with our non-weight bearing Knee Walker. This innovative solution features locking hand brakes, robust wheels, and a sturdy frame capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. In the face of a potentially lengthy 6-12 week recovery period, alleviate your discomfort and increase your mobility.

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Bathroom Safety

Nova believes in the joy of a bath - and preventing falls. Our bathroom products keep your entire bathroom safe.
Every day, 365 days of the year.

Nova Medical Products - High Quality Mobility and Living Aids

NOVA views independence through a lens of joy and support. Since 1993, the company has developed a comprehensive line of walkers and other mobility aids intended to help customers maintain their quality of life, be it through recovery following an injury or getting mobility and other daily living needs met.

About NOVA Medical Products

NOVA medical devices span standard to bariatric solutions, including the following:

  • Canes and crutches: Many times, you can see a NOVA cane or crutch through the bold, distinctive print adding personality to a mobility solution. Multiple colors and style options enhance a product developed for improved support and stability.
  • Walkers: NOVA walkers include wheeled, standard and folding solutions designed to provide greater support in relation to body weight. Along with variety, NOVA walker skis have developed a reputation as a practical and more convenient alternative to tennis balls. These attach to the rear legs to provide a smoother experience and are less likely to pick up dirt, debris and germs.
  • Rollators: Find a mix of support, stability and independence through multiple sizes of NOVA rollators.
  • Transport chairs and wheelchairs: Get the mobility you or a loved one needs through standard and lightweight wheelchairs.
  • Knee scooters: This recovery solution enhances your mobility while taking stress off your foot, ankle or Achilles tendon following surgery.
  • Bathroom solutions: Update your home through improved support and stability. NOVA medical devices anticipate potential challenges - from lifting yourself to avoiding falls around the bathtub - with transfer benches, toilet seat risers, rails, bath stools, grab bars and commodes.
  • Cushions: Adapt seats, chairs and your sleeping area with cushions and wedges designed to provide more support and improve comfort.

Explore all NOVA medical devices through now. If you have any questions, contact our customer care specialists to discuss features, functions and payment options.

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