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How Bidets Help Disabled People

One of the biggest benefits that are normally associated with bidet seats is that they are extremely beneficial to people that are disabled. If you are handicapped or have a disability of any kind, then an attachable bidet seat can be beneficial to you by simplifying the cleaning process greatly. Nearly all bidet seats work out of the box for handicapped individuals. Bidet seats differ from traditional bidets in that they do not require the user to traverse from one fixture to another for cleaning. Therefore, if you are handicapped or disabled and you want to simplify cleaning yourself after using the toilet, an attachable bidet seat is ideal.

The Bio Bidet Top Seller

Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat

- Hybrid Warm Water & Heated Seat

- Warm Air Dryer & Stainless Steel Nozzle

- Adjustable Water Pressure

- Night Light & Slow Closing Seat & Lid

- Deodorizer & Seat Sensor

- Wireless Remote & DIY Install

- Vortex Wash & Adjustable Nozzle Position

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Easy to Install Bidet Attachments

BB-270 Duo Bidet Attachment

- Dual Nozzle & No Batteries or Electricity Required

- Adjustable Water Pressure & Self Clean

- DIY Install with Warm Water

- Slim Design & Built To Last

- Universal Install & a 1 Year Warranty

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