Bio Bidet Pearl Travel Portable Bidet - Comes with Travel Bag

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Carefully designed for portability and ease of use, the BioBidet Pearl travel bidet allows you to bring the luxury of bidet cleaning on the go. The ergonomic squeeze bottle holds up to 450mL of water and fits inside most travel bags. Equipped with a longer nozzle, the Pearl was designed to reach further, keeping your hand as far away while minimizing the need to bend your wrist.


  • POSTPARTUM RELIEF - The Pearl brings new moms a super convenient way to help soothe and clean the perennial area after birth- the Pearl Peri Bottle is an easy-to-use, portable bidet, complete with a retractable nozzle and a waterproof travel bag
  • RETRACTABLE NOZZLE FOR EASY CLEANING - Clean in comfort with maximum efficiency and minimum body movement.
  • NEW 450ML SQUEEZE BOTTLE - Simply fill the reservoir, squeeze, and enjoy a comfortable spray pattern.
  • CONTROLLED WATER WITH AIR LOCK - Easily control the water pressure by adjusting your hands.
  • CONVENIENT CARRYING CASE INCLUDED - The Pearl Travel Bidet is small enough to store in purses, backpacks, and luggage.