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Non-Woven 3-Layer Premium Disposable Dust Masks with Bacteria Filter - Box of 50

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These Non-Woven 3-Layer Premium Face Masks with Bacteria Filter come in a box of 50 sealed face masks with elastic ear loops. Each mask in made with non-woven fabric and 3 layers of premium protection. 


  • Anti-Haze, Anti-Odor, Anti-Dust, Anti-Fog
  • 3 Premium Layers for extra protection
  • Elastic ear loops hold the mask tight to you face
  • Aluminum nose strip to help seal teh mask to you face
  • Skin Friendly, anti-wrinkle and come equipped with a bacteria filter
  • Each box contains 50 masks sealed.
Usage Method
  • Hang the mask with its band on the ears, properly keep mask so it covers the mouth and chin
  • Press nose clip against your shape of nose and fix the mask to prevent air going through or going out around the nose
  • Make sure all sides of the mask are close to your face, properly wearing it for effective protection  
Things To Know
  • Please keep the mask environment clean,  sanitary, ventilated, and dry
  • young children should wear int under the supervision of adults
  • When using, the bridge of the nose should be compacted to prevent leakage
  • When the mask is polluted or contaminated, please dispose of the mask immediately
  • This is a disposable mask, do not use again
  • Please wear the mask correctly
  • Masks are made in China from a registered factory and contain registered number Certificate