For seniors and individuals with limited mobility, traditional drop-in bathtubs create a restricted environment exposing you to various slip and fall risks. Freestanding tubs - also called stand-alone or self-standing tubs - create a more flexible, maneuverable experience for getting in and out of the bath. Additionally, as you modify your space with grab bars, the independent design allows for a wider range of placements and configurations.

In adapting your bathroom to your lifestyle, learn more about the benefits of freestanding bathtubs for seniors:

Why Use a Freestanding Tub?

Considering the expense, you might be hesitant to install a new bathtub in your home, choosing instead to work around what you have. Yet, the design of traditional bathtubs literally boxes you in. Freestanding or standalone tubs offer an alternative:

  • Position your bathtub where you need it to be, rather than utilizing multiple adaptive solutions to get in and out.
  • Being able to hold onto both sides of the tub reduces risks for slips and falls - and you can additionally position your freestanding tub near a set of grab bars.
  • Your bathtub isn't restricted to a single location, and instead, you have the option to adapt your bathroom to your mobility.
  • In addition to positioning and convenience, standalone tubs are often equipped with spa features, helping you unwind, soothe sore muscles and joints and improve circulation.

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