Drive Medical Saratoga Spring Tilting Bathing System - 360-Degree Access

Drive Medical DB-SARATOGA-1200
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The Saratoga Spring Bathing System from Drive Medical provides caregivers with 360-degree, unobstructed access to patients, enabling more comfortable, convenient, and efficient patient bathing. Having no visible cords or hook-ups that can get in the way of the caregiver, this bathtub is specially designed to lift patients up to an ergonomic height which mitigates the possibility of caregiver back fatigue, strain, and injury. 

Patients can easily enter the bathtub through an upward swing door to then sit on a 24-inch bench. The tub will quickly fill up in about 2-minutes, leaving little time for the patient to be uncomfortable. The draining time is about the same, allowing the caretaker to be able to quickly dry the patient and get them out of the tub. Once the patient is out of the bathtub, the tub has a built-in disinfection system feature that connects directly to the bathtub's water intake and is controlled with an easy-to-use valve. This system provides the most time-efficient way to easily disinfect the bathtub's external surfaces and minimize the risk of any cross-infection between patient baths. This makes the bathtub an ideal multi-use bathtub in a patient facility and what makes it better for the medical staff or caretaker is the disinfection system is conveniently located on the side of the tub in an easily accessible lockable cabinet.

Features & Highlights:

  • Thermostatic mixing valve - Provides an anti-scald protection that dispenses 15 gallons per minute for fast tub fill
  • Built-in disinfection system - The most time-efficient solution for disinfection of the bath’s external surfaces and minimizes the risk of cross-infection
  • The built-in disinfection system cabinet is conveniently located on the back end of the tub for easy access
  • The lockable cabinet provides a secure place for cleaning supplies and disinfectants
  • Handheld shower wand - Hair and upper body washing can be used at the same time the tub is filling
  • Water temperature display - Monitors tub-fill and shower wand temperatures
  • 3/4" supply lines - Constructed of stainless steel mesh clad
  • Three plumbing configurations - to choose from side, front, or island configuration
  • The island configuration allows 360° unobstructed access for the caregiver and with no visible hook-ups or cords, the Saratoga Springs Bathing System will give the bathing area the look of a luxury spa
  • The CleanDrive Air Spa System - Variable speeds and pulse modes designed to enhance the bathing experience for the resident and caregiver

Included with the bathtub is an anti-scalding safety protection feature to ensure the absence of any water burns to the patient who may accidentally use only hot water when filling the tub. Other features include a handheld shower wand that can be used to easily wash the patient's hair and upper body at the same time the tub is filling. Also, the easy-to-use and easy-to-see control panel on the edge of the bathtub features a water temperature display that monitors and shows the water temperature of the shower wand and the tub fill.

The Saratoga Spring Bathing System comes with the option of the CleanDrive Air Spa System. This is an air-bubble massage option that offers patients a soothing, spa-action bubble massage. Both the massage speed and pulse can be changed to perfectly suit each patient's specific needs and preferences.

Dimensions 34" (W) x 73" (L) x 51" (H)
Door Configuration Upward Swing, Left Hinge Only
Drain Size 1.5"
Drain Time 2 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Electrical Supply 115V AC, 60Hz, 15 amp
Fill Time 2 Minutes,10 Seconds
Height 78"
Length Reclined 88"
Seat Dimensions 24" (W) x 21" (H)
Transfer Device Access 7" (W) x 31" (H)
Water Capacity (Occupied) 38 Gallons occupied | 24 Gallons foot well
Water Supply Inlet 3/4" Diameter
Weight Capacity 450 lbs for Resident | 730 lbs for Resident and Water