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Frame-It-All Curved Pond Kits with Frame and Pump - 8 Boards

Frame It All

The ‘8 - Board Curved Pond Kit’ comes with 8 boards per level and enables you to choose from a variety of design options with a liner that will fit all! Choose your above ground height ranging from 5.5” or 1 level to 16.5” or 3 levels. You can also choose the depth that you want your pond to be from 1 to 3ft into the ground. Add a pond fountain or waterfall attachment to bring life to your design.

Frame It All Timbers naturally lends itself to self-leveling the pond edge during construction. It solves one of the most difficult challenges for all new pond builders. The ability to set a framework above ground stabilizes the level edge and the surrounding soil over time. It reduces heaving from freeze and thaw, reduces compression from walking around the pond edge and gives stones a place to rest against to simplify the placement.

Shapes are flexible and easy to maneuver.


Building a waterfall is a cinch with Frame It All because it interconnects pond basin with the raised area. This provides rigidity to the entire framework and prevents separation of the liner between the two. It is a superior method over sculpted soils that shift and leak over time. The structurally rigid edge ensures the water level in spillway is accurate. Creativity is easy without having to worrying about the path of the water.

Water is essential to all living things and its presence in the garden is magical no matter the size. Even the smallest pool will reflect the sky and the soft clouds above. Surrounding plants that may be around the water garden or dangling over it will add an additional element of charm. Any passer by looking for a drink will welcome the stop. Beyond that there is an exciting world of plants to discover that enhance the garden pond. The popularity of water gardening is bustling worldwide.

Circulation is not required to maintain a healthy garden pond, but the addition of a waterfall and circulation adds other elements of movement and charm that are undisputedly appealing. Light on the water creates a sparkling dance that feels cool on a hot summer day. In the stark winter months, the light reflects off the water and ice formations come and go as the temperatures change. The soothing sound of waterfalls furthers the call. The gentle sounds add another element of allure. The sound softens and disguises less favorable noise like traffic to set a scenario of peace and harmony.

There is plenty of science to support the benefits of water on our physical and mental health. There is a legitimate sense of peace and relaxation that accompanies watching water movement. That movement purifies the surrounding air and helps eliminate dust, pollen, and other allergens. So beyond hearing and seeing water move there really are unseen health benefits.

Water attracts and sustains an abundant amount of wildlife. Bees, butterflies, dragonflies, water boatmen and water skates come immediately to mind. Birds love to bath and drink in a water garden pool or pond. Providing a resting place next to shallow water will allow them to drink safely. Frogs, toads, and salamanders will seek water for breeding. Nothing excites most children more than handling small tadpoles. Small mammals will also come. Squirrels, chipmunks, and others often check in for a drink as well. A flurry of activity is a reality year-round.