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GIO Phoenix PR Electric Long Range Scooter - 50 Mile Range

GVA Brands GPPRB20
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Introducing the advanced electric scooter powered by a 72V20AH lead acid battery and a 500W motor. Equipped with a 30AH controller featuring DA technology, this scooter offers optimal performance. Reach a top speed of 32km/hr and travel up to 80km on a single full charge, perfect for long rides.

Designed for versatility, it has a substantial 330 lbs load capacity, making it suitable for various purposes. Your scooter's security is enhanced with a remote alarm system for peace of mind.

Stay informed with the digital LCD display showing your speed in km/hr. The 90/90-10 tubeless tires come with reflectors, ensuring safety during night rides.

Moreover, this scooter boasts an NFC display operated by an innovative access card, making it user-friendly and convenient. Experience the freedom of effortless travel with this powerful and feature-packed electric scooter. 

Features & Highlights:

  • 72V20AH lead acid battery
  • 500w
  • 30AH controller with DA technology
  • 20 MPH top speed
  • Travel up to 50 Miles on a full charge
  • 330 lbs load capacity
  • Security remote alarm
  • Digital LCD display - (km/hr only)
  • 90/90-10 Tubeless Tires with Reflectors
  • NFC display operated by innovative access card