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Martha Stewart Triangle Bed Wedge Cushion Pillow with Cover

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Experience therapeutic elevation and exceptional comfort with the Triangle Bed Wedge Cushion, a masterful creation by Martha Stewart that seamlessly blends elegance and functionality. Designed to harmonize with your bedding and enhance your living space, this wedge cushion brings a touch of refined style to your home.

Ideal for individuals seeking enhanced support and elevation, this cushion is perfect for promoting comfort and relief while sitting up, sleeping, or lounging. Crafted with both aesthetics and well-being in mind, the Triangle Bed Wedge Cushion represents the epitome of Martha Stewart's design prowess, offering a combination of sophistication and comfort that transforms your living environment.

Features & Highlights:

  • HIGH-QUALITY, triangle bed wedge cushion pillow for more comfortable elevation, great for legs, back, sleeping, and sitting up in bed.
  • FROM MEDLINE, healthcare’s #1 choice in mobility and bath safety aids for quality you can trust.
  • MULTI-POSITION, compressed foam that instantly returns to its original, triangle shape as compared to molded foam that loses thickness over time with multiple uses.
  • PERFECTED BY MARTHA, this bed wedge cushion pillow beautifully complements any bedding with added comfort and style from Martha Stewart herself.
  • MULTI-USE, designed to help those looking for at-home support with sitting up in bed, sleeping on their back or side, and who need more elevation to find comfort in their everyday routines.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, comes with a removable zippered cover to help protect the wedge from staining.