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Quik Shade Go Hybrid Slant Leg Pop-Up Canopy Tent

ShelterLogic 167520DS
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Discover the pinnacle of on-the-go shading with the Go Hybrid 6 x 6 ft. slant leg pop-up canopy tent by Quik Shade. This canopy stands out as one of the most adaptable, pragmatic, and easily transportable lightweight canopies available. Engineered with ultra-light 3-piece aluminum telescoping legs, it prioritizes portability, compact storage, and effortless travel. However, its lightweight nature doesn't compromise durability for utility. The Go Hybrid's patented overlapping eave construction, measuring 9.5 x 17 mm, ensures frame stability, and its reinforced rivet assembly adds extra strength. Lightweight, condensed, and effortlessly transportable – carry shade wherever and whenever you desire.


  • 6 x 6 ft. canopy or 36 sq. ft. shades 3 to 4 people
  • Ultra light 3-piece telescoping aluminum legs
  • Easy to use pull-pin sliders and push button leg extenders
  • Hardened rivet assembly
  • 19T polyester top with Aluminex protection provides 99% UV protection
  • Lightweight, compact and portable - one person assembly
  • Teflon bearings for easy slide
  • Features a deluxe backpack storage bag for easy transport and extra pockets for additional items.
  • Slant leg unit: base dimensions 7 x 7 ft., top dimensions 6 x 6 ft.