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Roscoe Medical Flexible Nasal Cannulas - Clear - 25 Foot

Roscoe Medical CAN-ROS25-1PK
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The Roscoe Nasal Cannulas are comfortable, economical and latex-free. They are made of extra-soft material, allowing them to fit comfortably over the ears.


  • Soft and crush resistant latex-free material provides comfort and maximum safety
  • Supply tubing lies straight when uncoiled to minimize pull on the cannula
  • Supply tubing has six-channel inner lumen design that provides uninterrupted flow of oxygen
  • Tubing and cannula are disposable
  • Tubing length: 25 feet
  • Quantity: 25/case

Purchase your Roscoe Adult Curved Nasal Cannula for maximum comfort and safety at a low cost.