Smart Caregiver Safety Auto-Reset Monitor & 10" x 15" Chair Sensor Pad

Smart Caregiver SC1-SYS
$105.00 $135.99
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The Safety Auto-reset Monitor System automatically resets when pressure is applied to the chair sensor pad and alarms to alert the caregiver when the resident is getting up. This monitor features a reset button or Tamperproof patented Caregiver Key which allows only the caregiver to reset the monitor. Additional features include "Pad Lost" light-lets caregivers know if the pad has become disconnected; "Low Battery" light; multiple alarm tones; full volume control.


  • Cord Protection - Safe Release cord reducing trip and entanglement hazards and strain relief on monitor reduces cord damage
  • Simple to Use and Easy to Set up
  • Chair Sensor Pad has a 1 year pad life and TL-2100S monitor has 1 year warranty
  • Requires 1 - 9v battery (not included)