Zopec Medical Explore 5500 Universal Portable CPAP Travel Battery Power Bank

Zopec Medical 215500C
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This Zopec EXPLORE 5500 Travel Battery is FAA/TSA Compliant for Carry On luggage. Also, you can bring 2 of them on the plane. Car Charger and Solar Charger available for separate purchase. Zopec EXPLORE has 4 models of CPAP batteries with different capacities. Please search Zopec EXPLORE and you can find the right size just for your need. You don't have to pay more or get a larger size battery than what you are looking for. See www.ZopecExplore.com for more product information


  • SMALLET, LIGHTEST, and MOST POWERFUL: The world's smallest portable CPAP battery pack to include 110V AC outlet with 54,000 mAh. Weight: 3.1 lb. Dimensions: 8.75" x 6.25" x 2.0".
  • AWARD WINNING AND SIMPLY THE BEST:Most reliable and dependable CPAP battery with great pricing. Designed for medical device backup power. Can plug in Battery and CPAP machine 24/7. Automatically detects power outage and switches to battery power seamlessly. No need to wake up and switch over. Perfect for traveling, camping or backup power.
  • WORKS WITH ALL CPAP MACHINES LIKE YOUR WALL OUTLET AT HOME: Just plug in and sleep like home! So simple to use. No adapters needed and don't need to know your machine's voltage. No need to be an electrical engineer to figure out which battery will work with your machine!
  • PERFECT VACATION and CAMPING COMPANION: This powerful battery will also power any standard electronic device including TV, Stereos, Lights, Laptops, Phones, XBox, Movie Projectors ... etc.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Two 110V Universal Outlets. 54,000 mAh, 160 Wh.
  • MOST POWERFUL and LONGEST RUN TIME: 2 - 3 nights or 14 - 24 hours. (NOTE: All CPAP batteries will lose 70% – 80% run time if heated humidifier and heated hose were used. See images for Run Time Chart for various machine brands and settings.)
    • Philips DreamStation: APAP unit alone: ~21 hours, APAP unit plus Humidifier: ~7 hours, APAP unit Plus Humidifier PLUS Heated Hose, ~4 hours.
    • ResMed AirSense10: APAP Unit alone: ~16 hours, APAP unit Plus Humidifier: ~8 hours, APAP unit Plus Humidifier Plus Heated Hose: ~4 hours.
  • How to Turn Off Humidifier and Heated Tube:
    • ResMed AirSense 10: If you have heated tube, go to MyOptions and change ClimateControl to Manual. Turn both Humidity Level and Tube Temperature to OFF. If you don't have heated tube, go to MyOptions and turn Humidity Level to OFF.
    • Philips DreamStation and All Other Machines That Can detach Humidifier: Detach the humidifier from the CPAP unit and plug the CPAP hose directly to the CPAP Unit.
  • FAA/TSA COMPLIANT for AIR TRAVEL: Zopec EXPLORE 5500 capacity is 160 Wh. Carry-On Bag only. Can not be in checked-in luggage. Quantity limit is 2.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • NOTE: CPAP Battery is a FSA and HSA Eligible Item

Zopec Explore CPA Battery Specifications

Run Time Chart

Reading Instruction:

We divided the Run Time Chart into 3 sections so it is easier to read. After reviewing the charts, please read the recommendations at the bottom of this page. There are 3 Run Time Charts listed below:

  • Chart 1: Run Time WITHOUT Humidifier and Heated Tube. (Longest Run Time)
  • Chart 2: Run Time WITH Humidifier and NO Heated Tube. (Run Time drops 50% - 60%)
  • Chart 3: Run Time WITH Humidifier and WITH Heated Tube. (Run Time drops 75% - 85%)

Please find Your CPAP Machine Name and Your Machine Parameters in the run time charts below for each model of Zopec EXPLORE Travel CPAP Batteries.

Zopec explore Run Time Chart


  • When running with humidifier, you need EXPLORE 5500 or 8000 to get 8 hours of run time. We recommend humidifier at mid settings.
  • We recommend not to use heated tube unless you have rain-out or tube condensation problems. Otherwise, heated tube will reduce the run time significantly.
  • If you want to run max setting of humidifier or with heated tube and humidifier, you need to link 2 EXPLORE 5500 or 8000 batteries to get 8 hours of run time.
  • You can link unlimited number of EXPLORE 4000, 5500, and 8000 models to get whatever run time you want for your machine settings. Please link up ONLY the same model batteries.

If you need additional data, please contact us and we will run the test for you at no cost. Typical turn-around-time is less than 3 business days.