Robooter E60 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair with Omni-Directional Wheels

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 The Robooter E60 stands out as a top-tier all-terrain power wheelchair tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. With its impressive endurance and swift speeds, it is designed for diverse outdoor adventures, from grassy fields to coastal paths, boasting a maximum range of 30km. 

The E60-A and E60 Pro-A model offers customizable comfort with adjustable seat width and back options. It comes in multiple colors, offering both great performance and a look that fits your taste.

Key Features:


  • Durabel & Lightweight Build: With a robust yet lightweight design, the E60 model can handle a maximum load of 330 lbs.
  • Customizable Armrests & Back Support: Adjust the backrest angle from 8-38° and tailor the armrest width between 17.9-20.2 Inches to suit individual preferences.
  • Advanced Front Suspension: Feature a customizable suspension spring with robust coils, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on varied terrains.
  • Omni-Directional Wheels: Navigate obstacles up to 8 cm high with ease. Front wheels offer omnidirectional movement, ideal for tight spaces.
  • Extra Long Battery Life: Benefit from a fast-charging feature and a large battery capacity for uninterrupted mobility. 18 Mile Range
  • Swift Speed Capabilities: Reach a maximum speed of up to 6 MPH safely, ensuring a dynamic and secure travel experience. 

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The Omni Wheel System

One of its standout features is the ability to perform a full 360-degree rotation. This feature allows the ROBOOTER E60 to turn and navigate effortlessly within tight spaces, offering you superior maneuverability wherever you are.


  • 10 independent small wheels per omnidirectional wheel
  • Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 45mm in height.
  • HORIZONTAL OBSTACLES 10cm, Cross among others: Tram Tracks, Train Entrances, Bus Entrances, Potholes, and Much More.

Smartphone Control System

After installing the dedicated Robooter app on your smartphone, you can use the remote control function to conveniently send the Robooter to a location where it will not interfere with traffic after you get off. Call the Robooter back to the location where you will board again.