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Travel Buggy CITY 2 PLUS Ultralite HD Reclining Travel Power Chair

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Our #1 Bestselling Chair JUST GOT BETTER!

You've waited long enough—it's time to reconnect with friends and family, explore new places, and perhaps embark on journeys to far-off destinations. All this is within reach with our latest innovation, the CITY 2 PLUS. Building on our best-selling CITY model, we've tailored the CITY 2 PLUS to be even more user-friendly, ensuring it's a breeze to fold, load, and go. Designed to effortlessly disassemble into three easy-to-manage pieces, each component can fit into the back of any vehicle. This means no need for special transport vehicles, vans, or costly lifts.

Rediscover the joy of travel and become part of the Travel Buggy family. It's time to venture out again with the CITY 2 PLUS.

Features & Highlights:

  • 3-Piece Dissasembly: Heaviest Piece is Only 40 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Reinforced frame hoplds up to 395 lbs
  • Driving Range: Extra Long Driving Range upt to 15 Miles
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty


*Please note that this model is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.




The CITY model has undergone a comprehensive redesign to enhance comfort for all users. It now supports up to 395 lbs and features a 19.5" seating width that can be expanded to 23", providing extra space for those needing more hip room. We've also broadened the armrests for improved forearm support.

With its generous seating area and enhanced armrests, our new heavy-duty power chair represents the pinnacle of comfort in our lineup.


MADE for ALL-DAY USE! Our innovative design features a multi-position reclining back rest to relieve back pain & ensure comfortable all-day use.

BUT THERE'S MORE! We increased the backrest height by 5" over our first CITY model. Our higher backrest design drastically reduces neck and shoulder pain by allowing you to rest your head against its soft, contoured cushion.


Our innovative QUICK-RELEASE WHEELS reduces total weight by 25 lbs instantly making it easy for you to load and unload in a snap. Now nearly anyone can load our newest model in just three simple steps.

Removing the rear wheels also significantly reduces the overall size of our CITY 2 PLUS making it possible to fit in the back of even the smallest vehicles.

How to Setup your AEROLUX Carbon Foldable Power Chair by Travel Buggy

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does It Weigh?

Our CITY 2 PLUS weighs 65 lbs including the batteries. However, two quick release rear wheels instantly reduce the chair weight by 25 lbs maing the heaviest loading piece only 40 lbs. So now you can load our most robust power chair in the back of your vehicle in just 3 lightweight pieces.

How Long dp The Batteries Last?

Our CITY 2 PLUS model can go up to 15.5 Miles on fully charged batteries.

Can I Lift It On My Own?

We think so! We've now split our CITY 2 PLUS into three more manageable pieces with the heaviest piece weighing just 40 lbs. If you find you are still unable to lift that and don't have assistance, the we'd recommend our ramps to assist in getting the power chair into your vehicle.

What Happens If I Need Service?

We've partnered with some of the best power chair technicians across the country to provide you with local service options from people familiar with our Travel Buggy.

How Do I Take It On An Airplane?

Our Travel Buggy is approved for airline travel. Simply take it with you to the airport, ride it through security and then remove the batteries prior to boarding (carry-on into cabin). Only our batteries are rated below the airline limits, so there is no special approvals required.

Can I Use It Outdoors?

Yes. The City 2 Plus can be used both indoors and outdoors. It features strong motors and large rear wheels capable of handling grass, gravel, and other outdoor terrains.