Robooter X40 Automatic Folding All-Terrain Electric Smart Wheelchair

Robooter BBR-LY-01-01
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Take back your mobility with the innovative Rebooter X40 Automatic Folding All-Terrain Electric Smart Wheelchair! This functional, top-quality electric wheelchair features a sleek design and unparalleled stability, thanks to its low center of gravity. Independent shock suspension provides a smooth, comfortable ride, and omnidirectional wheels will easily traverse diverse terrains. Get up and go in seconds: The automatic folding mechanism takes three seconds to operate for easy loading, transporting, and storing. Enjoy the smart remote control with smartphone app integration for easy operations. This highly functional motorized wheelchair will easily clear 3.9-inch gap obstacles and height obstacles up to 1.8 inches, so you can navigate entrances and other areas efficiently.


  • Sleek Machinery Design: High-strength chassis for durability and aesthetics
  • Stability Redefined: Low center of gravity for increased stability on uneven terrain. Independent shock suspension for a smooth ride
  • Folding: Auto-folding in 3 seconds, easy storage and loading into vehicles or transport
  • Remote: Smart remote control with app integration
  • Terrain Mastery: - Omni-directional wheels for diverse terrains.
  • Easily clears 3.9” GAP obstacles, and HEIGHT obstacles up to 1.8”. This means train tracks, thresholds, curbs, entrances, and more no longer stand in your way!

How To Automatically Fold & Unfold Your X40

How To Remotely Load The X40 In To Your Vehicle

Experience the assurance of un-matched stability with the Robooter X40's innovative design. The upper structure is ultra-light, with a remarkable 80% of the total weight strategically positioned less than 8 inches above the ground. This thoughtful engineering ensures a secure and rollover-free experience even on a challenging 15-degree slope.

Indulge in the sophistication of our machinery, where every detail is meticulously crafted for excellence. Our structural design boasts a high-strength integrated chassis, meaning no bolts to come loose or warp over time, this sets new standards in durability and performance.

All-Terrain Excellence: Omni-Directional Wheels are Game-changer

Our custom-built omnidirectional wheel features 12 independent smaller rollers. The toothed structure, formed by several rubber rollers, enhances grip when overcoming obstacles and ditches. Navigate steep slopes and gaps fearlessly, enjoying unrestricted driving across all road conditions from gravel, sand, cobblestones, and more. Plus, our commitment to quality is backed by a 1000 mile assurance.

Electronic Brake System

The electronic brake system of the ROBOOTER X40 seamlessly executes the auto-hold function. Activating automatically without the need for additional user input, especially when navigating inclines, it effectively prevents slipping and ensures user safety by automatically decelerating.

A distinctive feature is that the wheelchair comes to a prompt stop the moment the joystick is released, eliminating the risk of it becoming uncontrollable, particularly on steep slopes. This design prioritizes safety and enhances the overall user experience.

The Omni Wheel System

One of its standout features is the ability to perform a full 360-degree rotation. This feature allows the ROBOOTER X40 to turn and navigate effortlessly within tight spaces, offering you superior maneuverability wherever you are.


  • 10 independent small wheels per omni-directional wheel
  • Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 45mm in height.
  • HORIZONTAL OBSTACLES 10cm, Cross among others:Tram Tracks, Train Entrances, Bus Entrances, Potholes, and Much More.

Smartphone Control System

After installing the dedicated Robooter app on your smartphone, you can use the remote control function to conveniently send the Robooter to a location where it will not interfere with traffic after you get off. Call the Robooter back to the location where you will board again.

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