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Robooter Accessories For The X40 Folding Power Wheelchair

Robooter X40-FL
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The Robooter X40 Folding Power Chair has a range of accessories designed for convenience and functionality. For safe nighttime travel, a front light with a headlight and mounting bracket to illuminate the road ahead. Storage solutions are abundant, with an armrest bag attached to the side for easy access, an under-seat bag located beneath the seat for secure item storage, and a backpack positioned at the back of the chair. For additional convenience, it features a dual cup and phone holder to keep your beverages and mobile device within easy reach. A cane holder provides a designated spot for storing a walking cane, and the adjustable foot pedal allows for a customized, higher footrest positioning. Protect your X40 with a dust cover to keep it clean when not in use.

A list of avaialble accessories:

  • Front LightIncludes headlight and mounting bracket for nighttime roadway illumination
  • Armrest BagSide Armrest Storage pack
  • Under-seat bag -  Located underneath the seat and can be opened for storing items
  • Dust coverDust cover for chairs
  • BackpackLocated at the back of the chair and can be opened for storing items
  • Cup/Phone HolderFor storage of a cup & cell phone.
  • Cane HolderFor storage of a cane
  • Foot PedalFor a higher footrest
  • Battery - Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Charger - Including AC line
  • Safety Belt - One touch safety-belt

How to install a cane holder

How to install the cup/phone holder

How to install the backpack

How to install an armrest bag 

How to install the under-seat storage bag 

How to install the front light 

How to install a foot pedal

How to install a dust cover