iLiving i3 Scooter Portable Power Lift - Can Lift Small Folding Scooters

iLiving USA ILG-i3-PPL
$899.00 $999.00
You save 10% ($100.00)

Scissor lifts are ergonomically efficient solutions to lifting heavy objects. The iLiving Power Lift, designed exclusively for the i3 Scooter, is compact and maneuverable, making it ultra-convenient to support you in getting your scooter in and out of the trunk. Simply raise the scooter to the height of the trunk to pack your scooter or lower the scooter when you're ready to bring it out for a ride. This lift uses the same power off of the battery of your scooter. 


  • Vertical travel of 26 inches
  • 60 lbs capacity
  • 9 feet long cable
  • Weights only 25 LBS