Smooth and Steady: How Drive Nitro Rollator Accessories Improve Comfort and Convenience

Smooth and Steady: How Drive Nitro Rollator Accessories Improve Comfort and Convenience

Your Drive Nitro Rollator is essential for getting you from point A to point B, with stability and support and a place to sit when you're tired.

In general, brands have started outfitting their rollator walkers in recent years with comfort and convenience accessories: In addition to the seat feature, this array may include a bag or compartment for carrying some personal items and holders for a cup, cane or even an oxygen tank. These aspects consider your full active lifestyle along with your mobility needs.

What Are Drive Nitro Rollators?

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare launched in 2000 as a manufacturer of durable medical equipment and soon expanded its offerings through multiple acquisitions. Today, their line of over 3,500 products includes mobility solutions, such as the popular Nitro Rollator.

Drive Nitro Rollators stand out from similar devices with a sleek and refined European-styled design built to maneuver around a broad range of obstacles and over uneven terrain. Models aid your independence through large, non-slip wheels, a cross-brace design, a comfortable seat, adjustable handles and a longer base for enhanced navigability and stability.

Considering multiple lifestyles and customer needs, Drive Nitro Rollators include three- and four-wheeled models, as well as bariatric solutions.

Why Use Drive Nitro Rollator Accessories?

You have places to be and belongings to take along with you. In general, rollator walkers accommodate individuals who need support and stability but can still move at a faster pace. At the same time, you don't want to find yourself supporting a handbag or backpack and groceries with your rollator as you're out and about.

Drive Nitro Rollator accessories streamline your journey and integrate exactly with this series of models. Common solutions include:

  • Slow Down Brake: This newer addition to the series allows for a greater degree of speed control for your rollator. Once installed, tension controls let you separately control each wheel and are adjusted via a knob. Especially if you tend to walk along inclines or over hilly terrain, the Slow Down Brake reduces the risk your rollator will slip from your grasp and quickly roll downhill.

  • Oxygen Tank Holder: You don't have to support your oxygen tank in a sling or on your back. Instead, this accessory lets you mount it directly to the front of your Drive Nitro Rollator and accommodates ML6/A, M4/A, M9/C, M6/B and M15/D oxygen tanks.

  • Cane Holder: Your mobility needs vary: You might use a cane for stability and to support yourself, while a rollator eliminates having to constantly lift and use upper-body strength. In this situation, the Cane Holder accessory attaches to the side of all Nitro Rollators via snap-in-place, tool-free installation to support nearly any cane model, regardless of manufacturer.

  • Cup Holder: Stay hydrated wherever you happen to go. The Cup Holder attaches to all Drive Nitro Rollators with tool-free installation to securely support a cup or bottle.


Explore Drive Nitro Rollators and all accessories now at as you evaluate mobility solutions in relation to your lifestyle.

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