Choosing the Perfect Bariatric Shower Bench: Comfort and Safety Combined

Choosing the Perfect Bariatric Shower Bench: Comfort and Safety Combined

Nearly one-quarter of adults over the age of 65 report a fall. Approximately 36 million falls are reported among older adults each year; one in five falls cause injuries, such as broken bones or head injuries. There are many reasons why falls occur in older adults, including walking and balance difficulties, foot pain, vision problems and lower body weakness. One of the most common areas where falls occur is in the bathroom. Slippery floors, condensation, soap and other factors can all be fall culprits. The need for bariatric shower benches and the importance of choosing the right one is paramount to prevent bathroom falls and keep seniors safe. Read on to learn about bariatric shower benches and shower stools that accommodate individuals up to 500 lbs.

What are Shower Benches?

Bariatric shower benches are seating areas placed within a bathtub or shower to optimize patient safety. Shower benches can provide peace of mind and security in the shower, empowering users and improving their quality of life. Bariatric shower benches are made from heavy-duty materials, boast sturdier frames and offer wider seats than traditional shower chairs to accommodate big and tall users.

Different Bariatric Shower Bench Features

There is a wide range of different features available in bariatric shower chairs. Options are available with or without backs, depending on the needs of the individual user. Commodes are also available, as are handles that provide additional support when getting in and out of a shower area.

Some bariatric shower chairs are reversible, which means that they offer the versatility needed to fit well in multiple baths and showers. Drive Medical's Heavy-Duty Bariatric Plastic Seat Transfer Bench has an adjustable height, "dual column" extension legs and large, locking suction cup bases for additional safety. U-shaped cutouts, such as are found in the Nova Medical Heavy-Duty Bath Seat, offer hygienic designs that help with cleaning. This durable yet lightweight design is made from rust-proof aluminum and has a skid-resistant base and drainage holes. Other shower chair types like Showerbuddy's SB6c-XXL feature wheels that help bariatric patients who have roll-in showers, promoting safety and security with their interchangeable lap and chest belts as well as swing-away footrests. Rotating shower stools are also available to help get users in and out of the shower with ease, and sliding shower transfer stools feature seats that slide from side to side, which minimizes physical strain for both the user and the caregiver.

Bariatric Shower Stools at

Shop many different styles and types of bariatric shower benches at! From lightweight designs and high-weight capacities to advanced safety features, you're sure to find the right product at a price that is easy on the budget. Financing is available at For help finding the right bariatric shower chair or transfer bench, visit our Senior Help Center! There, you'll learn how to reach out to us. We're available seven days a week during business hours via phone or through our convenient live chat option. To reach us any time of day, fill out our contact form. A Customer Care Specialist will reach out as soon as possible.

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